What to expect?

My sessions are relaxed and casual. If it is in your home, your favourite park, or coffee shop, the session will focus on you and yours!

We will chit chat throughout the session,I will get you to laugh, tell you silly jokes, be your cheerleader, and take a few photos along the way. This is all about getting you to relax in front go the camera.

I will take a variety of poses, sitting, standing, hugging, running jumping, and my favourite, tickling. All while capturing the essence of you. I will do a variety of combinations, if you would like a specific combination, please don’t hesitate, i am happy to oblige!

What to Bring

If you would like to bring a change of clothes, you are more than welcome to bring up to two outfits, keeping in mind we are out in public places with no changing rooms. Anything more than that becomes a burden to carry around and interrupts the flow of your session.

Props are tons of fun, again keep it to a max of two, it keeps the session more cohesive and flows better in the final prints and frames.

Unless it’s a styled session, then we will talk!

What to bring if you have pets...

leash, treats, toy.

What to bring if you have kids...

water, healthy snacks, and one favourite toy.

What to Wear

Your session is casual and fun, so i want you to feel that way. I suggest wearing blue jeans, black or khaki pants, shorts or skirts on the bottom. Tops work well if they are coordinated (but not matching). Choose a colour and mix and max, shades, patterns and textures. Layer up too, it always adds something more to your outfit.

Shoes! They will be in some of the photos! Please avoid ‘running shoes’, fashion sneakers are great but not the gym kind. Other shoes that work great are dress shoes, high heels, unique and fun ones.

Accessories are always fun, so please bring them along. A great purse, scarf or jewels all finish off the outfit! In the winter hats, scarves and mitts are all a fun and necessary addition.

Colours: some great colour combinations: grey and purple, orange and browns/creams, yellow and grey, black and white, blues and greens, black and red (note: If anyone is wearing red, everyone needs a bit of red! It is a very strong color, and stands out more than the rest, so if everyone has a bit it will work better).

Most importantly: If you feel good - you will look good!


Sessions are free!  Yay!  

The art work is not :).  Your future heirloom images are priceless.  Your kids laughing and playing. That look from your husband or wife that you haven’t seen in a while.  The hand squeeze from Grandma.  And even those everyday moments of you putting your make up on. It’s these moments that you want to keep forever. This is where you will invest your money. Most of my families will spend a minimum of $500, many more that that.  This is an investment in your family and it is something that you will treasure for a lifetime!

What to do with your images

When planning your session one thing many people forget – what they are going to do with their photos after they are done!
Keep in mind: I specialize in capturing your family at its best! Usually playing and having fun. This will not be your regular portrait session. This will be running, jumping, tickling, playing and the best session you have ever had! You will not be able to pick just one picture! So plan on buying them all! Thats why you need a plan.

  • Are you a person that likes to look at the pictures every day?  Plan on purchasing wall art
  • Are you a person that likes to see many images, once in a while? You would prefer an album
  • Are you a person that likes to share your pics on social media or email?Social media files are for you

If you like what you see here, don’t wait to contact me – send me a note, ask all your questions, and we can get your date reserved for you!

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On your Wedding Day, you’ll spend more time with your photographer than any other single person. This is someone you want to trust, be comfortable with, and feel totally confident that they will catch the right moments and make you look great. Click below to see how i can make this happen!

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My sessions are relaxed and casual. If it is in your home, your favourite park, or coffee shop, the session will focus on you and yours. Take a look at some of my previous work.