Wow!  Everytime they come in, I am just blown away!  Finao Albums are just stunning, and this one is no exception!  (It helps that it was a fabulous couple, but I digress!).  Wedding Albums are a funny thing. They are expensive, they are worth every penny, they are looked a few times by the couple, hundreds of times by their kids and they are the one thing people keep forever!

But in todays world it is all about the digital files.  Fewer and Fewer couples are having an album made. But the smart ones that do, will have a beautiful keepsake that will never be lost to a computer crash, outdated technology or lost in an update.  So I am begging you please print those images. Even if it is a small 4×6 for your desk at work, it is something that you will never regret spending a few dollars on!!

Here is the stunning Naomi and Alex’s Banff Springs wedding album!  Enjoy!

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