using your engagement photos for a guest book, photos by Kristi Sneddon Photographer


I’m always asked ‘do we have to do engagement photos?’  My answer is always ‘YES’.  Why?  Its the time where I get to know you, I see how you are in front of the camera, I see inside your relationship and most importantly its a time for just the two of you and celebrating yourselves as a couple.  I’ve never had anyone say that it wasn’t worth the time!  Even the GUYS say ‘that was fun’. Why wouldn’t they, they get to kiss their girl a whole bunch of times. What guy doesn’t like that!!!

The next question I get all the time is ‘what do I do with these photos?’  Now that depends on you!  Many people give them out to parents as gifts, frame a few for their wall or desk a work. Most of my couples are using their engagement photos as a guest book!  It is perfect, you have a few photos of yourselves, plus all the congratulations, advice and comments from your guests all in one place.

Here is a sample of the images Debbie, Burk and I selected together for their guest book.


kristisneddonphotographer_0078 kristisneddonphotographer_0079 kristisneddonphotographer_0080 kristisneddonphotographer_0081 kristisneddonphotographer_0082 kristisneddonphotographer_0083 kristisneddonphotographer_0084 kristisneddonphotographer_0085 kristisneddonphotographer_0086 kristisneddonphotographer_0087


What are you going to do with your photos?  Leave a comment here!

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