Transformations! or How to Look Good in your Wedding Photos

Are you one of those people who dreads having your photograph taken? There are many who do!

In all my years as a wedding and family portrait photographer, I’ve learned some tricks to help those of you with “camera-phobia”.


Amazing Transformations in Calgary by Kristi Sneddon Photographer


YES – You must have a connection with your photographer. Learn more about them! If you like the person behind the camera, you’re more likely to enjoy having your picture taken. And if you are having fun, the photographs will show it!


Transformation from Everyday to Extraordinary


YES – Your ideal photographer will have experience. Those that do can anticipate candid moments, pose you when she needs to, and pull out the best in your personality so all of the photos are uniquely you.


Before and After - Kristi Sneddon Photographer Makes you Extraordinary


YES – Ladies, getting your hair and makeup professionally done helps! Knowing that you look beautiful on the outside can make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. I employ a select few amazing makeup artists who have never failed to create gorgeous looks on my clients.


Cute Before, Amazing After! Go from Everyday to Extraordinary with Kristi Sneddon


YES – Lighting is extremely important. If your photographer doesn’t know what to do with light, your photographs just won’t look right. I’ve spent most of my career working with film cameras. This means there is no room for error! I’ve perfected working with light, and I know how to make you look gorgeous!


Beautiful Transformations in Extraordinary People with ksphotographer


But most important of all…you must trust your photographer. Your photographer creates and captures the moments that you will treasure forever. It’s your photographer that makes people laugh, cry, kiss, or hug. It is your photographer that anticipates the moment when two people look into each others’ eyes and smile. It is your photographer that sees the shape and form and creates art.


Transformations for Beautiful Girls and Brides by Kristi Sneddon


If you hire the right photographer, you will receive exceptional images that you will treasure for a lifetime. These photos will be used as Facebook profiles, framed, put into albums, made into screensavers, given to family and friends, showed in slideshows, and genuinely loved for the wonderful memories they bring back every time you look at them.

I’ve heard too many stories of how, if they could “do it again”, they would hire a better photographer. Photography is the one investment that will last a lifetime, not just a day.


Transformation from Everyday to Extraordinary in Calgary






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