Tips for Surviving the Wedding Show / Calgary, AB

So excited for the Bridal Expo this coming Sunday!  It is always so crazy and so much fun.  I really get inspired by all the newly engaged couples and how excited they are for their weddings.  I also get a few comments on how stressful wedding planning can be.  Both are true.  Let me make a few things a bit easier for you….


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Here are a few ideas on getting through the show.

1. You are going to be on your feet for a few hours at least!  Wear appropriate footwear.

2. Bring water, it is dry in the BMO and you will be talking to a few vendors along the way.

3. Open a specific email address for your wedding, this will help in keeping your work or personal email organized.  You will be getting emails from vendors at the show, plus guests asking questions, friends sending their congratulations.  Easy to keep it all in one place.

4. Reason for going? Get inspiration? Booking vendors? Fun day out?  Keeping your goal in mind will help, as it can be overwhelming! The ideas are endless!

5. If you are interested in entering the contests, have pre printed labels done up with your name, email, phone, wedding date, etc…   The prizes are wonderful! You could have your honeymoon planned for you! Or a gift or two in your pocket on the way out.  Good luck!!

6. Bring a note pad, pen or camera/phone.  The more notes you take the easier it will be when you get home.   Most people end up with 2 or 3 bags filled with brochures!  Or at least have a system of remembering, you will have spoken to about 100 people or so.  I don’t know about you, but I just cant remember everything…my note pad is my saviour!!! 🙂

7.  Ask questions!!  Learn as much as you can.  The vendors want to help, take advantage of their knowledge!  It also helps if you make a quick list of the wedding services you need.  Having an idea of what wedding services you need and an estimated budget for each of them will help determine which vendors are within your price range and worth spending your time with.

8. Have fun…grab your best friend, a glass of wine, some cake and get inspired!

9. Make sure to pick up a copy of the Calgary Bridal Guide, cover shot by yours truly! It’s the best magazine for wedding inspiration and ideas in YYC.

I know Lenora, Kathie, Lisa, and many many others put in a lot of work to make this show run smoothly, and all of the vendors and guests appreciate it so much! Here’s to another amazing show!


You can buy your tickets here:


Drop by my booth (151) and say hi!  I might even have a treat for you 😉

Hope to see you there!




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