The New Bridal Registry Essentials

bridal registry, gifts, presents, tiffany & co, Most couples I meet nowadays are usually pretty stocked up on home essentials. They’ve lived together for a while, and have already made their house a home. They have the coffee maker, the toaster, the amusing salt and pepper shakers. What, then, could you possibly ask for on your bridal registry?

The newest trend is to place your wedding photographer’s services on your registry. This allows your friends and family a unique way to contribute to making the most of your special day. Your photographs will be a very important part of your wedding, and of the days and years that follow. Albums will remember the joy and tears, the loved ones from near and far, and the delight and wonder that stem from a day when two amazing people came together at last.

I make it as simple for you as possible. Just ask your guests to contact me and together we will discuss the best way to support their favorite couple (you!).


Booking for 2014? There are only a few availabilites left! Contact Kristi to book your wedding consultation.



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