Stunning Wedding at Silver Tip Resort in Canmore by Kristi Sneddon Photographer

December 13, 2016

Silver tip wedding photography by Kristi Sneddon, Canmore, AB, calgary wedding photographer, pink, grey, simple, elegant, timeless

I love Silver Tip Resort!  It is stunning no matter what!  But today it was beautiful, blue sky, sunshine and a fantastic couple getting married!  Jodi and Darren did not disappoint.  Their soft palette of colours is one of my favorites. They did amazing with the details and of course the Silver Tip staff outdid themselves.

But more importantly they know what is important….their family and friends!  I know in my family the more you are teased the more you are loved…this family works the same.  The amount of teasing and jabbing kept us laughing into the wee hours.  For the few quieter moments, they were just as touching.  Watching Darren dance with his mom…well lets just say good thing the camera was hiding my ugly cry… You see Darren’s mom ‘legs don’t work so well’ as she put it. So Darren lifted her up to dance with her.  So it wasn’t just me that was crying.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.  And the cheers after the dance….gave me goosebumps!  (hey I just got them again writing about it).




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