Perfectly styled wedding in Fernie, BC by Kristi Sneddon Photographer


I knew this would be a perfectly styled wedding!  And it was.  Lindsey has an amazing sense of style plus she hired Lisa from Mountain Bride.  It was a perfect match!  Love that they got ready together but then still had a first look (more about first looks here).  They did photos first but still were grinning from ear to ear coming down the aisle.  Thinking many guests wouldn’t make it out to Fernie, and having everyone show up.  Making it all about their guests and their guests making sure it was all about them!  Sweetest wedding ever!!


Here is a few comments Lindsey shared with me about her wedding: “I wanted to let you know that when we were originally planning our wedding Mike was freaking out about the cost of the pictures.  Wedding costs are kind of an overwhelming thing in themselves and he and I didn’t necessarily agree on where to spend our money  – he was all about food and booze!  But on the Monday after the wedding, as we were driving to Kelowna we were talking about the wedding and how happy we were with everything and couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day.  Mike turned to me and said that I did an awesome job picking all the vendors.  He specifically mentioned that he thought you were amazing!  He really enjoyed the whole picture taking process and was so happy with the places you choose to take pictures, how you took the pictures and how smoothly you made the whole family picture taking process.  He said it was money well spent – which is a huge compliment from him!  I know that you went above and beyond taking pictures for my wedding and I really appreciate it.  Thank you so much for everything you did. ”

Thanks Lindsey, It was my pleasure!!!!

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