Bitter Sweet Pink Wedding for Melissa and Daniel


This one is a tough one! Not because Melissa and Daniel aren’t fabulous because they are! Not because it wasn’t a stunning pink wedding, because it was.  But because Daniel’s father passed away 3 weeks before the wedding.  He was ill, but still asked that if he did go before the wedding that they go through with it.  That is tough!  They want to be happy on their wedding day but I’m sure the guilt of enjoying their day in the middle of grieving was on their minds. It was beautiful how they incorporated his memory into the wedding.  His jacket and boutonniere hung on the pews at the ceremony (the photo of his mom carrying his jacket out of the ceremony breaks my heart every time I see it!), they created a memorial table with floating candles representing all the family members. And a donation box to the Canadian Cancer Society.  It was perfect!

I applaud both Melissa and Daniel, as hard as it was, they celebrated with grace, strength and kindness, plus they are absolutely adorable!


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