The adorable, emotion filled wedding at Al Azhar Shrine centre


My cheeks hurt!  Every time I look at this wedding they hurt from smiling so much! Especially looking at their first look.  As with most first looks the best time to capture great emotion is about a 15 to 30 seconds after they see each other.  The pressure is off and the real emotions come spilling out! This is my absolutely my favourite time.  Its also a bit of pressure on my end, you see emotions on peoples faces are fleeting and if  I don’t click the shutter at the exactly the right moment, its gone!!!  I’ve had over 15 years of experience so I’m pretty good at anticipating moments, but I swear my heart is beating almost as fast as theirs 😉

The other trick to getting real emotional images is making the camera disappear!  This is not an easy task (have you seen the size of pro cameras???). But with a lot (and I mean A LOT) of chatting, laughing telling silly jokes, the camera starts to disappear.  To make it fully go away, you need to focus on each other or a task.  I will get you to dance/walk/run with each other – yes you will feel slilly and laugh (also the point).  The best for those soft and romantic images is talking to each other.  I will usually ask that you talk about wonderful things: when/how you met, where you are going on your next vacation, etc.  And once you start talking, I disappear and it is all about the connection between the two of you!

The connection between these two is just palatable!  Enjoy!

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Want to have images that show your connection?  Email me at and lets get this party started 😉


Some of the fabulous vendors envolved in this wedding:

Jana at Red Rose Florist

Lara at Sweet treats Calgary

Dresses: Davids Bridal

Suits: Derks

Favours and Decor: Special Event Rentals

Venue: Al Azhar Shrine Centre

Photography: yours truly!


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